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Aloha, and welcome to Island Turf. A family owned turf company where home and business owners are provided with top-quality grass and decades of expertise. Our sods are guaranteed to be fully rooted for better handling and always priced competitively. We deliver and are able to install all our products and services. Contact us for a free consultation today! Whether you're a landscaper looking for the best supplier or a home owner looking to raise the market value of your property, look no further than Island Turf. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your lawn. The beautiful, low maintenance, and affordable lawn you've always wanted is here at Island Turf!

Terrific Turf Solutions

Tired of unsightly weeds, dead spots, and grass that won't grow? At Oahu Island Turf, we grow our own grass on organic compost to prevent weeds, as well as to grow more water-absorbent sod that eliminates muddy messes after rainfall.

Turf selections include

El Toro Zoysia

A very resilient dark green grass that is easy to maintain. Perfect for high traffic areas.

St. Augustine

A tough, thick, weed-blocking grass with high shade tolerance.

mondo Grass

Clusters of dark green needle-like foliage commonly used as ground cover, around stepping stones, or to accent other plants and displays.

We Deliver!

Our expertise exceeds beyond grass sods and also include design, irrigation, and maintenance. Call us for a free consultation today!